The M.I.V. Agenda

Nascent Horizons

Where our agents break into Nascent Technologies to find answers.

Jack checks in with the pharmacist, Lea Amrain, about the psychoactive compound taken off one of the MIBs. She says that there is nothing else that can be done without a larger sample of the drug, preferably without it being dissolved in a deadman’s bloodstream.

Tony heads to Munich a little early to set up a safe house. He finds a tactically suitable place above a German Deli whose owner allows them to discreetly flop in the apartment above the deli. The group begins to case Nascent technologies in an effort to break its defenses. A cursory look at the building shows that the new acting CEO has increased security significantly over the last few months since Fouvier went missing. Luke looks into the floor plan of the building and gains insight into the corners and recesses of Nascent. Seda manages to procure extensive security credentials that lead back to a fake security company. Lee manages to infiltrate the outer core and map the security setup. He also makes the acquaintance of a young Asian woman, Ti Lin. When Lee is picked up by a security detail he manages to leverage his interaction with Ti Lin to continue the ruse and use her as an asset to put a spike into the central CPU in the inner core allowing video surveillance throughout the building. He does fail to see a van follow him back to the safehouse however…

The group gets underway infiltrating Nascent Technologies and makes it through the security checkpoint easily. Even the inner core security doesn’t hold much challenge for them as their forged ID credentials. Getting into the restricted area they break into the server area and find to their dismay approximately a dozen people strapped to office chairs with one of the most innovative bomb designs Jack has ever seen ready to blow them all to kingdom come. A face comes on a screen at a workstation in the middle of the room and speaks to Lee. The man tells Lee that it is time for a decision. He tells Lee that he could walk out and stop poking into what’s going on. When Lee declines, the man shows him a picture of his girl, Kim Ji-Youn who punctuates the negotiation by slamming her across the face. Lee lets out that they still have the computer chip and the man on the screen perks up. He gives Lee a meeting place in two days to exchange the chip an see about getting Kim Ji-Youn back. Lee responds by kicking in the screen.

Jack Simon takes a moment to survey the bomb, taking in the brilliance of its creator. He launches into action as the bomb suddenly begins fighting back against him. The terrified occupants of the circle of explosives almost panic but Jack calms them back down. Tony stands outside in the work area. Yuri on a rooftop across the street chimes up that the GS9 is pulling up outside and establishing a perimeter. He uses an RPG that he brought along to “distract” them. Jack diffuses the bomb and begins rescuing people. A blonde, Scandinavian woman named Asa Unnar kisses Jack and thanks him for saving her.

Seda sees Ti –Lin heading for the restroom. When confronted Ti-Lin pulls a silenced pistol and shoots at Seda. Seda slides onto her side and puts three rounds through the door of the restroom stall. She confronts Ti-Lin and, when realizing that Ti-Lin will not surrender any information to her, executes her in the restroom.

The group begins making their way out of the inner core but three MIB are waiting for them. Tony takes point and lights up one of the MIB, dropping him. The crowd begins to panic as gunfire breaks out. Lee uses the commotion to sneak up behind one of the other MIBs and slices his Achilles tendon, his femoral artery and stabbing him in the neck when he drops. The last MIB fires indiscriminately into the crowd and manages wing Tony in the shoulder. The last standing MIB grabs Lee by the wrist and causes him to drop like a stone. While out Lee feels something inhuman and horrible clawing at his brain trying to get in. He awakens even more shaken and convinced that there is something horrible going on. Tony takes down the last MIB and the group uses the ensuing panic to escape the building. Yuri snipes at them, oblivious to the fact that they are friendly forces. They use a smoke grenade to cover their escape.


Translated from the Chinese
“Who hit Nascent, then?” the Chinese man behind the desk asked the man seated in front of him.

“We don’t know yet but we have operatives in place. They are good, whoever they are. My sources say they could have been involved in the Dubai bombing.”
“Terrace has offered some pretty impressive things for any information on Dubai.”
“It makes me uneasy when anyone we haven’t looked at carefully offers too much for anything.”
“You are paranoid.”
“Yes, I am. It’s why I got this job.”
“Ti-Lin is dead?”
“Yes. She managed to dump what intel she had. She was close, unfortunately. She got a fingerprint on one of them. Lee Min-Jae. A South Korean.”
“I thought you told me you didn’t know who they were.”
“I don’t. I know who he is.”
“South Korean? Amateurs.”
“This particular Korean has over four confirmed kills with a pen. I told you they were good.”
“(Harumph). Are you following the coverage of the Nascent penetration?”
“Of course. No obvious fingerprints but something about it makes me feel that someone is really trying to stick it to these operatives. Should we give them Lee Min-Jae’s name?”
“No. Watch and wait. We need more intel.”

Transcript from DW TV Broadcast
Munich, Germany
Translated from the German

”Multiple explosions rocked the Auerfeldstrabe today as GS9 responded to a suspected terrorist attack at Nascent Technologies, a tech company located here in Munich. GS9 forces were fired upon by what appears to be a rocket propelled grenade, or ‘RPG’. Thankfully, no GS9 forces were killed but four officers have been hospitalized with minor injuries. One officer is in critical but stable condition. We go now to our correspondent at the scene, Cord Arne.”

Cuts to a scene with emergency vehicles in front of the Nascent Technologies building.

“Thank you, Hannah! The scene here is one of contained panic. There is a cloud hanging over the air here as people repeatedly ask the question, ‘How could this happen here?’ I have with me one of the hostages who was held in the building for over 18 hours, Ms. Asa Unnar. Ms. Unnar, you were in close contact with the terrorists and, as you have already told the police, you spoke with one of the terrorists. What did the terrorist tell you?”

“He..he told me that there would be more bombings until Germany agreed to Sharia law. That the glory of Allah would wipe clean the land of the German Empire. He said a lot of things in a language I didn’t understand.” She turns to the camera with eyes that are cavernous with loss and fear. “We need to stop this man and the others with him. He was like an animal. He let us sit there in our own filth and laughed. I don’t know how long it’s going to be until I sleep again.”

If you looked carefully at her eyes on the television you would notice a mild nystagmus, an unconscious horizontal motion of the eyes, as she told her story. Despite being in protective custody she was found in her bathtub three days later with her wrists cut. She left no suicide note but had scribed a single word on the mirror in the bathroom with red lipstick.


Heat Gained: +6
Total Heat: 9



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