Seda Baris

MIT Trained Operative, Currently on Indefinite Hiatus


Legal Name: Seda Emel Baris
Place of Birth: Bursa, Turkey
D.O.B: February 23, 1983
Age: 31
Height: 167.64 cm (5’ 6")
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Hazel
Affiliations: Milli İstihbarat Teşkilatı

Note: Officially, Turkey’s MIT has no record of Seda Baris’ employment with their agency. However, sources indicate her as one of the most effective non-official cover operatives within MIT’s roster. Seda is illusive, and even discovering the operative behind the cover is a feat in itself. The only evidence of her activity outside of Turkey is the occasional perfectly forged document.


Seda graduated among the top of her class from Boğaziçi University in 2005, earning her bachelor’s degree in sociology. Tax documents suggest that after a year, she found employment as a business consultant specializing in merchandising consultation for companies operating overseas. Operations reports, however, tell a different story. Unofficially, she was recruited by Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MIT) as a promising prospect, in part because of her father’s employment within the organization.

Initially, she took on counter-intelligence roles within the Turkish border, monitoring the staff of foreign embassies for espionage. Later, however, she found her skills in infiltration useful in penetrating paramilitary elements of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), deemed a terrorist organization by the Turkish and their allies.

The PKK knew Seda as Sabryia Ahmed, a violent Kurdish radical intent on overthrowing the Turkish regime. From within the PKK, “Sabryia” fed MIT valuable intelligence as the PKK redoubled its offensive against Turkey. She insinuated her way into the ranks of the People’s Defense Force, the armed wing of the PKK, committing small acts of terror against her country in order to prevent greater calamities. Her efforts were vital in preventing several suicide attacks against Turkish military positions, as well as handing over vital intelligence on Turkish drug lords financing the PKK’s operations. Eventually, she was given the order to eliminate the leader of the cell she had infiltrated. She timed the killing in conjunction with a Turkish airstrike, allowing her to eliminate her target in the confusion and maintain the integrity of her cover. Among the People’s Defense Force “Sabryia Ahmed” is presumed dead with the rest of her compatriots, but remember as brutally devoted the PKK’s cause.

Seda spent the next half-year recovering in Turkey, receiving simpler and less tasking assignments. After convalescence however, MIT’s mistrust for the Kurds led her to be sent to the United Kingdom, specifically to London. MIT feared that the rapidly growing Kurdish minority in England could be used as a power base by Kurdish criminal groups to finance terrorism and turn global opinion against Turkey.

She was tasked with monitoring the political career of Gavyn Sabir, a British citizen born of Kurdish immigrants. Sabir was a popular figure among more left-leaning British voters, and his election to Parliament was a likely prospect. Turkish concern stemmed from Sabir’s family connection to PKK radicals, as well as rumors that his election war chest was being financed in part by PKK drug smuggling and human trafficking rings. Initially, Seda intended to approach Sabir directly, but instead she found a softer target in Ryley Breckenridge, a young British idealist serving as election agent and aide for Sabir’s campaign. While Breckenridge knew nothing of his employer’s alleged criminal connections, he had access to finance information, bank statements, tax forms, and listings of Sabir’s contacts. Using the name Victoria Prentice, she approached Breckenridge at one of Sabir’s political functions and began a slow seduction. Sabir was eventually elected to parliament, and Seda’s position as Ryley’s girlfriend and then later, wife, gave MIT pages of intelligence and blackmail material on the politician and his compatriots. Sabir was disgraced and removed from Parliament on charges of corruption, among numerous other crimes, but Seda kept up the guise of Victoria Prentice-Breckenridge. She rarely sees her ‘husband’, since traveling on business takes her away from the UK on a regular basis.

The next several years are more difficult to track, but it seems that Seda continued to serve her country across the Middle East, Greece, and the Balkans, operating to exert Turkish will in the former Ottoman sphere of influence while restricting the interference of other regional powers. Occasionally, she returned to the United Kingdom to visit with Ryley for a few months of marital bliss before returning to her assignments.

Seda has always been close to her sister, Sabah. When the latter disappeared after attending an exclusive late night party in Istanbul, Seda began digging. Her investigation turned up more questions, and MIT began to take note that she wasn’t as focused on her government work as usual. Her distraction led to small errors in her operations, and small errors in turn led to mistakes. MIT has begun to utilize her skills less and less often, and she’s turned to more nontraditional sources of employment to finance her lifestyle and her search for her sister.

Seda Baris

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