The M.I.V. Agenda

Catching a Train

After the heist at Nascent Technologies the group relocates early to London to scout out the meet with the man who claims to hold Kim Ji-Youn. They scout ahead and make the determination that meeting face to face would be a very bad idea. They get the layout down of the London train terminal. Seba manages to close with the target (a man self-identifying as Mr. Alexei, a man of Romanian descent) and drops a cell phone with a bug on it into his pocket. Retreating to a safe distance they call the phone and talk to Mr. Alexei. A curt negotiation ends with him telling the agents that he will only deal with them face to face. He gives them 24 hours to produce the chip for Kim Ji-Youn’s life. After that he tells them that his Romanian mobsters will go to work cutting off a body piece every hour starting with her fingers and moving up her arms.

The agents tail him back to the hotel he is staying at, the London Ritz. They book the room across the hallway and rig up a fake cell tower to intercept their cell calls going in and out of the Hotel. Catching an encrypted call, Luke Keith scrambles to decrypt it. He catches only about the last 10 seconds of the call:

“Is the Asimov in place?”, says the man in the hotel room 512.
“Yes. She is contained,” says the man on the train.

In the background of the call is some noise. Analysis of the sound reveals it is a high speed train in a tunnel, likely the Eurostar that runs from from France to England through a tunnel running under the English channel. They set out immediately and find an access tunnel that allows them to access the computer system to stop the train. They manage to bring the Eurostar train to a stop about 30 miles outside of London.

As soon as the train stops Luke detects incoming calls from the men on the train holding Kim to the London Ritz. He shuts down cell calls into and out of the hotel immediately blocking the two groups from contacting one another. Mr. Alexei tries dialing out on the hotel land line but Luke manages to block cell coverage to the train too!

Rushed for a tactical entry, Seba enters the car of the train that holds the private compartments using a flashbang grenade to soften up any hostiles in the hallway before dropping down through the hatch. While partially successful the two MIBs are still able to make actions normally and begin to open fire causing panic in the hallway. Luke enters the front of the train and, despite having good luck sneaking up on the man in the front of the train is spotted by the other MIB at the rear of the car. The MIBs, true to past experience, appear to react as one and surprise is not gained. Luke fires and blows off a good chunk of the man’s face. Seba returns fire and is wounded. Luke uses a combination of fisticuffs and firearms to bring the MIB down but they fight bitterly and long past the point where a normal person would be able to.

Lee tactically enters through the window into the compartment and quickly puts one of the MIBs down, breaking his wrist then stabbing down into the man’s neck before braining him on a metal luggage pole. Kim is here though, strangely, appears to be sitting quietly. A heated battle ensues between Lee and the other MIB. Lee winds up blinding the man and choking him out, his neck cracking ensuring he will never rise again. As Lee approaches his love she flees from him shrieking. The agents get everyone loaded up on a pickup truck and flee the scene attempting to find a place where they can rest and recover. Luke managed to capture one of the MIBs by tasering him. Kim cowers in the back of the pickup as far away from her lover, Lee, as she can. The agents race off to London in hopes of going to ground and licking their wounds.

Heat Gained: +3
Current Heat: 12



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