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  • Christian Hoflan

    Active in the middle east in the early 2000s, Dr. Hoflan was a pioneer of deprogramming techniques used on people who had become religious fanatics. Highly experimental and usually very dangerous, Dr. Hoflan managed to bring several people back from the …

  • Kruschiev

    Born in Krasnoyarsk Kruschiev (born Michail Kruschiev, he prefers "Kruze" as a nickname now), he had a love of cars (FAST cars) ever since he was a child. He was a taxi driver in his home town for almost four years but was fired for excessive speeding. …

  • Lea Amrain

    Known by Jack Simon, he asked her to examine the blood taken from the MIB after the shootout at the Fouvier Estate on the outskirts of [[Zurich]].

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