Yuri Markovic

Former SVR wetworker, wheelman


Legal Name: Yuri Grigorivich Markovic
Place of Birth: Sochi, Krasnodar Krai, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
D.O.B: 7 March 1987
Age: 27
Height: 1.85m (6’1")
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Affiliations: Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), Zaslon

Notes: The subject is a confirmed world-class marksman, with over 125 kills during his time with SVR. He has also received tactical training and hand-to-hand combat instruction from Zaslon. His driving skills are well above average, owing to his father’s indulgence in one of his more persistent “hobbies”. Markovic is known to prefer German small arms and vehicles, eschewing his colleagues’ faith in all things Russian.


Yuri Markovic was born into an oil magnate dynasty. The second son of Grigory Markovic, owner of Chernyy Vodnoye Khozyaystvo, Yuri never took a particular interest in the family business. He enlisted with the Russian Airborne Forces as soon as he was able. After his term, he moved to Germany, doing his best to leave his father’s influence behind entirely.

Studying at Technical University Munich, Markovic was recruited into the Foreign Intelligence Service by a man known only as “Vasily”. He was quickly recognized as one of the most naturally adept trainees in the service, earning a spot in training with Zaslon, SVR’s own Spetsnaz group.

Markovic distinguished himself as a more than capable field operative, mostly engaging in “targeted killing” operations, eliminating the Motherland’s enemies on foreign soil. His later career, however, became a fast downward spiral into self-recrimination and bitterness with the establishment.

Performance reports indicate that Markovic was relegated to desk duty as an “analyst” after a rumored botched operation. He left SVR, disgusted with himself as much as his treatment at the hands of the bureaucracy. Markovic went into business for himself, having already built a reputation as one of the best assassins in Europe.

Yuri Markovic

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