Lee Min-Jae

NIS trained operative and assassin.


Lee Min-Jae
Place of Birth: Incheon, Republic of Korea
D.O.B: 01/02/1987
Age: 27
Height: 175.72 cm (5’ 8")
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Affiliations: RoK Armed Forces (5th Special Mission Group), NIS

Note: Subject has training in advanced physical and electronic security subversion techniques, as well as evasion and reconnaissance. Also has received instruction in Teukgong Moosool, consistently receiving high praise from his instructors.


Official South Korean records indicate Lee Min-Jae was conscripted into the Republic of Korea Army and eventually deployed in support of the global War on Terror along with some 3600 members of the Republic of Korea army. Paperwork indicates that he was transferred to the Republic of Korea Army Special Warfare Command, operating within the ‘Black Dragon’ 5th Special Mission Group. The majority of his service record has been redacted, but what’s left does indicate activity in Iraq, Afghanistan, and South Korea. Despite proving to be an effective operator, he ended his service after his second term.

Further digging suggests that Lee might have been recruited by the National Intelligence Service of South Korea, with some unsubstantiated rumors indicating he conducted sanctioned operations against North Korean officials and possibly even South Korean citizens, namely those deemed to be high risks to the stability of the state.

Most sources agree that the NIS has cut ties with Lee. Ultimately, he was considered too unreliable an asset given his callousness and ambivalence to collateral damage where his assignments were concerned, his association with the North Korean defector and prostitute Kim Ji-Youn, and his propensity for creative reinterpretation of directive. While such flaws might have been overlooked in light of his effectiveness as an operative, the current political climate and the string of scandals suffered by the NIS means the agency cannot afford an unknown variable like Lee.

Lee Min-Jae

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