Kim Ji-Youn

Korean working girl and associate of Lee Min-Jae.

DOB: 6/10/1992

Age: 22
Current Residence: Seoul, South Korea
Occupation: Mistress
Relations: Mother (Mae Gyu-ri, deceased), Father (Kim Ho-jin, deceased)


Kim Ji-Youn was born into the kisaeng caste within the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea. While the caste system had already lost much of its importance within North Korea, the kisaeng were still labeled as a hostile class by the Korean Workers’ Party. When she was 14, Ji-Youn’s parents were arrested as political dissidents and disappeared into the Kaechon political prison camp. Ji-Youn was sent to the Kaechon Reeducation Camp (No. 1.), where she was held for some six years.

She reemerged in South Korea in 2012, to all appearances having managed to effect an escape. Unable to find employment, she took up working the streets in Seoul. She quickly made the acquaintance of Lee Min-Jae, who was at the time employed with the National Intelligence Service. Given her status as an alleged North Korean defector, the NIS naturally took a dim view of her association with one of their operatives, and their relationship was just one more factor that lead to his eventual termination.

Currently, Ji-Youn resides in a luxury high-rise apartment located within the Samsung Tower Palace in Seoul, leased in the name of one of Lee Min’Jae’s aliases. The fact that a former government employee can afford to keep a woman in such a residence is cause for suspicion.

Kim Ji-Youn

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