The M.I.V. Agenda

Fathers and their Children

We begin with our intrepid group of spies who are in the middle of a “simple” heist in the Jumeirah Emirates Towers. Jack Simon is down in the lobby, a security guard previously dispatched. He is keeping an eye on the security cameras and to rig the lobby up in case the authorities arrived. Seda Baris exits the elevator containing Lee Min-Jae and Luke Keith that is heading up to the 52nd floor and heads to the vault. The elevator lurches to a stop and Luke Keith ducks out the emergency hatch to override the emergency brake. The elevator door opens up and reveals a group of four armed gunmen. At that moment, Yuri comes around the corner and drops one of the guards with a Sig Sauer P220, catching the guard in the neck. Lee Min-Jae takes advantage of the distraction to disarm a guard and driving the slide of his gun into the guard’s neck. Yuri ducks around the corner of a barrage of gunfire as Lee Min-Jae takes out the last guard standing.

Seba Baris makes her way to the vault and calmly talks her way past the guard, posing as a security consultant. The guard offers to have an escort for her when she leaves the building. She makes it into the vault and handily opens the slot containing the experimental CPU. As she is exiting the vault she sees someone who looks exactly like her on the 52nd floor (her sister!).

Jack, down in the lobby, manages to talk down the cop. As the cop is leaving a body slams into the pavement, the amount of dispersal indicating a very long drop. The cop turns and heads back in and Jack detonates the lobby, heading up the elevator to the upper floors. Lee Min-Jae, Yuri and Luke all head up too, making their way to the helipad on the roof but stopping off on the 52nd floor to check things out. Stepping out of the elevator the group sees a sign, Zephyr Technologies. The floor appears empty. Heading into the offices in the back Seba notices a picture of Luke’s girlfriend in the picture with the man whose office it was. A bookcase is found that looks suspicious and reveals a high tech vault door. Cracking open the door, an apartment is found with about a dozen children who are…odd. They talk about how the Fathers prevent them from leaving. At that time the players notice the explosive bracelets around the children’s wrists. There is a large screen television that is currently off but is broadcasting a local signal. The children have tablets in their bedrooms too. Seda takes one.

Yuri heads around the corner after seeing a flicker of movement. He sees…something…but he collapses with no memory of what he saw. Jack comes around the corner and, through a monumental effort, manages to keep his mind about him (he does have a nasty nose bleed). The sim card from Yuri’s phone is missing. The group heads to the roof and makes a rapid escape via helicopter. Another body falls from the upper part of the skyscraper before the entire 52nd floor (and all those floors above it) explodes in a fiery burst.

Unanswered Questions:

  1. Why is Luke’s girlfriend in the picture with the man?
  2. Who hired us for this disaster?
  3. Who was the target and why were they targeted?
  4. Who is Zephyr Technologies and why were they holding children hostage?
  5. What information can be gained from the tablet taken from the children held hostage?



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