The M.I.V. Agenda

A Bucharestian Nine One One

After the gunfight at the Fouvier estate our agents figure it best to head out of town and since they were heading to Bucharest to collect on the Dubai Job anyway. They catch a direct flight to Bucharest and are met by Yuri and Isaac. Everyone arrives a little early to case the meeting place taking place at Carol Park. Yuri and Isaac meet the rest of the crew there at Bucharest to aid in the exchange. Casing the park thoroughly, they arrive at the appointed time to see that Dacza Damjen has three bodyguards with him. Yuri is perched upon a nearby building with a sniper rifle. Isaac and Jack are on lookout at either end of the park. Tony is circling around to see if he can catch anyone suspicious while Seda and Lee approach Mr. Damjen on a walkway over the pond in the center of the park.

Mr. Damjen mentions his surprise that the agents actually managed to get the job done despite him having to read about their exploits in the newspaper. After asking to see the chip Seda mentions that the chip is not there but in a safety deposit box at a bank nearby. Taken aback, Mr. Damjen still acquiesces to their demand that they travel to the bank to retrieve the chip. Tony follows two armed men on the far side of the park who start peeling off as the group on the bridge break and head to the bank. Jack sees another man nearby the meet who is talking on a cell phone who seems just a little too interested in what is going on. Everyone packs up and moves to the Banca Romaneasca, a highly secure bank, just a mile away. Tony breaks off to grab a taxi and follow the two armed men he has found. Yuri breaks down his rifle and gets across town in a hurry to set up again in the nest he already had in place across from the Bank. Jack and Isaac disguise themselves so they can move around the lobby of the bank. Mr. Damjen, spooked, sits in the car with one of the bodyguards while the other two go in to make the exchange in the safety deposit box area beyond a security checkpoint.

Seda and Lee head into the room with the bodyguards while one of them runs a diagnostic on the CPU chip while Lee counts the money. The CPU is labeled as the property of Nascent Technologies. The CPU is wrapped in an odd gel substance. The diagnostic completes and the bodyguard, apparently convinced of the CPU’s authenticity, puts it into a pouch and hands the money over to Seda and Lee.

Tony, following two armed men of undetermined origin, decides to take them out of the game and, telling the unfortunate taxi driver to pull up alongside them, blows out both of their tires with a submachine gun. Nazar, the taxi driver conscripted into a gunfight, peels out and heads to the bank making sure to make a note of their license plate.

Up on the roof across the street Yuri waits patiently while surveying the street below. He hears the soft crunch of a boot on gravel behind him. Pretending to reach down for something in his bag, he whips around and puts two rounds through a would-be assassin, dropping him before the man can even get a round out of his silenced CZ 75. Yuri looks down to the street and sees another assassin approach Mr. Damjen’s car and puts a round through the rear window of the car killing the body guard. He smoothly enters the car and shuts the door before Yuri can get a bead on him. Guestimation with a heavy dose of algebra allows him to put a round through the roof of the car and killing the assassin, bathing Dacza Damjen in another man’s blood. Mr. Damjen runs from the car screaming. Yuri grabs the rooftop assassin’s wallet and his silenced CZ 75. The man’s name is Viktor Anton.

In the lobby of the bank Isaac and Jack spot the third man from Carol Park who rushes in the door and then slows to avoid unnecessary attention. No stranger to tradecraft, he surveys the room using mirrors and possibly spots Isaac and Jack disguised as an elder man in a wheelchair being pushed by his son. The two bodyguards who made the exchange with Seda and Lee try to duck out the back of the bank having heard that Mr. Damjen is likely dead. The third man in the lobby begins talking on a phone as soon as the bodyguards come out of the safety deposit box room to an unknown person.

Jack and Isaac follow the two bodyguards out into the alley thinking they might take the CPU back again but are interrupted by a pair of Bucharest police officers who pull up at the entrance to the alley. The bodyguards seem very keen to get taken into custody. Jack pretends to fall, stashing his pistol under a dumpster. Isaac also puts his hands up. The police maneuver all the captives together and then one speaks Romanian into his radio, “I think he has a gun!” and then blows the head off one of the bodyguards. Isaac grabs a cell phone that he had managed to rig up as a taser and shocks one of the cops in the groin. The cop falls to the ground vomiting profusely. Jack grabs for the gun of the other cop and firmly grabs the slide of the pistol and twists breaking the cop’s index finger. Yuri and Nazar’s taxi pull up and the group makes their escape with Dacza Damjen and his one remaining bodyguard, Andrei Mykyta. Seda reveals that, back in the safety deposit room she managed to swap the CPU chip out for a false one under the very eyes of Mr. Damjen’s bodyguards before they were able to snap the briefcase shut with an impressive bit of legerdemain. A successful (albeit complicated!) exchange where our agents make off with the cash and the CPU chip.

Relocating to a safe room under the streets of Bucharest in the catacombs that riddle the city and have become populated by IV drug users and HIV positive castoffs our agents interrogate Mr. Damjen and Andrei Mykyta separately. Tony flexes his sinister Costra Nostra muscles and terrifies Mykyta so severely that the man wets himself. All this before he threatens him with a power drill! Andrei reveals that the man who hired Mr. Damjen was Gerard Fouvier, the man whose estate was recently raided by our agents. Andrei says that Fouvier hired Damjen to get the chip back but that Fouvier had been out of contact for around four months. He goes on to say that he heard that the Romanian mob had an interest in the CPU chip and he sold out his long time employer, Damjen, to get some extra cash to pay back some pretty substantial gambling debts. He drops the name of Iulian Valentyn, a mob boss here in Bucharest. Tony, satisfied that he got everything, drives him out and dumps him on the side of the street and tells him to pass on to Iulian that they have the chip now and if he wants it he will have to deal with them. Tony gives Andrei a cell phone number and drives off.

The interrogation with Mr. Damjen goes significantly less dramatically but Seda manages to get the information that she wants out of him without the use of power tools. His plan was, after losing contact with Fouvier, to procure the CPU chip and sell it for his own personal profit.

Jack calls upon a contact, Dr. Lea Amrain, a Swiss chemist to begin processing the blood sample taken from the MIB at the Fouvier Estate shootout.



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