The M.I.V. Agenda

Catching a Train

After the heist at Nascent Technologies the group relocates early to London to scout out the meet with the man who claims to hold Kim Ji-Youn. They scout ahead and make the determination that meeting face to face would be a very bad idea. They get the layout down of the London train terminal. Seba manages to close with the target (a man self-identifying as Mr. Alexei, a man of Romanian descent) and drops a cell phone with a bug on it into his pocket. Retreating to a safe distance they call the phone and talk to Mr. Alexei. A curt negotiation ends with him telling the agents that he will only deal with them face to face. He gives them 24 hours to produce the chip for Kim Ji-Youn’s life. After that he tells them that his Romanian mobsters will go to work cutting off a body piece every hour starting with her fingers and moving up her arms.

The agents tail him back to the hotel he is staying at, the London Ritz. They book the room across the hallway and rig up a fake cell tower to intercept their cell calls going in and out of the Hotel. Catching an encrypted call, Luke Keith scrambles to decrypt it. He catches only about the last 10 seconds of the call:

“Is the Asimov in place?”, says the man in the hotel room 512.
“Yes. She is contained,” says the man on the train.

In the background of the call is some noise. Analysis of the sound reveals it is a high speed train in a tunnel, likely the Eurostar that runs from from France to England through a tunnel running under the English channel. They set out immediately and find an access tunnel that allows them to access the computer system to stop the train. They manage to bring the Eurostar train to a stop about 30 miles outside of London.

As soon as the train stops Luke detects incoming calls from the men on the train holding Kim to the London Ritz. He shuts down cell calls into and out of the hotel immediately blocking the two groups from contacting one another. Mr. Alexei tries dialing out on the hotel land line but Luke manages to block cell coverage to the train too!

Rushed for a tactical entry, Seba enters the car of the train that holds the private compartments using a flashbang grenade to soften up any hostiles in the hallway before dropping down through the hatch. While partially successful the two MIBs are still able to make actions normally and begin to open fire causing panic in the hallway. Luke enters the front of the train and, despite having good luck sneaking up on the man in the front of the train is spotted by the other MIB at the rear of the car. The MIBs, true to past experience, appear to react as one and surprise is not gained. Luke fires and blows off a good chunk of the man’s face. Seba returns fire and is wounded. Luke uses a combination of fisticuffs and firearms to bring the MIB down but they fight bitterly and long past the point where a normal person would be able to.

Lee tactically enters through the window into the compartment and quickly puts one of the MIBs down, breaking his wrist then stabbing down into the man’s neck before braining him on a metal luggage pole. Kim is here though, strangely, appears to be sitting quietly. A heated battle ensues between Lee and the other MIB. Lee winds up blinding the man and choking him out, his neck cracking ensuring he will never rise again. As Lee approaches his love she flees from him shrieking. The agents get everyone loaded up on a pickup truck and flee the scene attempting to find a place where they can rest and recover. Luke managed to capture one of the MIBs by tasering him. Kim cowers in the back of the pickup as far away from her lover, Lee, as she can. The agents race off to London in hopes of going to ground and licking their wounds.

Heat Gained: +3
Current Heat: 12

Nascent Horizons
Where our agents break into Nascent Technologies to find answers.

Jack checks in with the pharmacist, Lea Amrain, about the psychoactive compound taken off one of the MIBs. She says that there is nothing else that can be done without a larger sample of the drug, preferably without it being dissolved in a deadman’s bloodstream.

Tony heads to Munich a little early to set up a safe house. He finds a tactically suitable place above a German Deli whose owner allows them to discreetly flop in the apartment above the deli. The group begins to case Nascent technologies in an effort to break its defenses. A cursory look at the building shows that the new acting CEO has increased security significantly over the last few months since Fouvier went missing. Luke looks into the floor plan of the building and gains insight into the corners and recesses of Nascent. Seda manages to procure extensive security credentials that lead back to a fake security company. Lee manages to infiltrate the outer core and map the security setup. He also makes the acquaintance of a young Asian woman, Ti Lin. When Lee is picked up by a security detail he manages to leverage his interaction with Ti Lin to continue the ruse and use her as an asset to put a spike into the central CPU in the inner core allowing video surveillance throughout the building. He does fail to see a van follow him back to the safehouse however…

The group gets underway infiltrating Nascent Technologies and makes it through the security checkpoint easily. Even the inner core security doesn’t hold much challenge for them as their forged ID credentials. Getting into the restricted area they break into the server area and find to their dismay approximately a dozen people strapped to office chairs with one of the most innovative bomb designs Jack has ever seen ready to blow them all to kingdom come. A face comes on a screen at a workstation in the middle of the room and speaks to Lee. The man tells Lee that it is time for a decision. He tells Lee that he could walk out and stop poking into what’s going on. When Lee declines, the man shows him a picture of his girl, Kim Ji-Youn who punctuates the negotiation by slamming her across the face. Lee lets out that they still have the computer chip and the man on the screen perks up. He gives Lee a meeting place in two days to exchange the chip an see about getting Kim Ji-Youn back. Lee responds by kicking in the screen.

Jack Simon takes a moment to survey the bomb, taking in the brilliance of its creator. He launches into action as the bomb suddenly begins fighting back against him. The terrified occupants of the circle of explosives almost panic but Jack calms them back down. Tony stands outside in the work area. Yuri on a rooftop across the street chimes up that the GS9 is pulling up outside and establishing a perimeter. He uses an RPG that he brought along to “distract” them. Jack diffuses the bomb and begins rescuing people. A blonde, Scandinavian woman named Asa Unnar kisses Jack and thanks him for saving her.

Seda sees Ti –Lin heading for the restroom. When confronted Ti-Lin pulls a silenced pistol and shoots at Seda. Seda slides onto her side and puts three rounds through the door of the restroom stall. She confronts Ti-Lin and, when realizing that Ti-Lin will not surrender any information to her, executes her in the restroom.

The group begins making their way out of the inner core but three MIB are waiting for them. Tony takes point and lights up one of the MIB, dropping him. The crowd begins to panic as gunfire breaks out. Lee uses the commotion to sneak up behind one of the other MIBs and slices his Achilles tendon, his femoral artery and stabbing him in the neck when he drops. The last MIB fires indiscriminately into the crowd and manages wing Tony in the shoulder. The last standing MIB grabs Lee by the wrist and causes him to drop like a stone. While out Lee feels something inhuman and horrible clawing at his brain trying to get in. He awakens even more shaken and convinced that there is something horrible going on. Tony takes down the last MIB and the group uses the ensuing panic to escape the building. Yuri snipes at them, oblivious to the fact that they are friendly forces. They use a smoke grenade to cover their escape.


Translated from the Chinese
“Who hit Nascent, then?” the Chinese man behind the desk asked the man seated in front of him.

“We don’t know yet but we have operatives in place. They are good, whoever they are. My sources say they could have been involved in the Dubai bombing.”
“Terrace has offered some pretty impressive things for any information on Dubai.”
“It makes me uneasy when anyone we haven’t looked at carefully offers too much for anything.”
“You are paranoid.”
“Yes, I am. It’s why I got this job.”
“Ti-Lin is dead?”
“Yes. She managed to dump what intel she had. She was close, unfortunately. She got a fingerprint on one of them. Lee Min-Jae. A South Korean.”
“I thought you told me you didn’t know who they were.”
“I don’t. I know who he is.”
“South Korean? Amateurs.”
“This particular Korean has over four confirmed kills with a pen. I told you they were good.”
“(Harumph). Are you following the coverage of the Nascent penetration?”
“Of course. No obvious fingerprints but something about it makes me feel that someone is really trying to stick it to these operatives. Should we give them Lee Min-Jae’s name?”
“No. Watch and wait. We need more intel.”

Transcript from DW TV Broadcast
Munich, Germany
Translated from the German

”Multiple explosions rocked the Auerfeldstrabe today as GS9 responded to a suspected terrorist attack at Nascent Technologies, a tech company located here in Munich. GS9 forces were fired upon by what appears to be a rocket propelled grenade, or ‘RPG’. Thankfully, no GS9 forces were killed but four officers have been hospitalized with minor injuries. One officer is in critical but stable condition. We go now to our correspondent at the scene, Cord Arne.”

Cuts to a scene with emergency vehicles in front of the Nascent Technologies building.

“Thank you, Hannah! The scene here is one of contained panic. There is a cloud hanging over the air here as people repeatedly ask the question, ‘How could this happen here?’ I have with me one of the hostages who was held in the building for over 18 hours, Ms. Asa Unnar. Ms. Unnar, you were in close contact with the terrorists and, as you have already told the police, you spoke with one of the terrorists. What did the terrorist tell you?”

“He..he told me that there would be more bombings until Germany agreed to Sharia law. That the glory of Allah would wipe clean the land of the German Empire. He said a lot of things in a language I didn’t understand.” She turns to the camera with eyes that are cavernous with loss and fear. “We need to stop this man and the others with him. He was like an animal. He let us sit there in our own filth and laughed. I don’t know how long it’s going to be until I sleep again.”

If you looked carefully at her eyes on the television you would notice a mild nystagmus, an unconscious horizontal motion of the eyes, as she told her story. Despite being in protective custody she was found in her bathtub three days later with her wrists cut. She left no suicide note but had scribed a single word on the mirror in the bathroom with red lipstick.


Heat Gained: +6
Total Heat: 9

A Bucharestian Nine One One

After the gunfight at the Fouvier estate our agents figure it best to head out of town and since they were heading to Bucharest to collect on the Dubai Job anyway. They catch a direct flight to Bucharest and are met by Yuri and Isaac. Everyone arrives a little early to case the meeting place taking place at Carol Park. Yuri and Isaac meet the rest of the crew there at Bucharest to aid in the exchange. Casing the park thoroughly, they arrive at the appointed time to see that Dacza Damjen has three bodyguards with him. Yuri is perched upon a nearby building with a sniper rifle. Isaac and Jack are on lookout at either end of the park. Tony is circling around to see if he can catch anyone suspicious while Seda and Lee approach Mr. Damjen on a walkway over the pond in the center of the park.

Mr. Damjen mentions his surprise that the agents actually managed to get the job done despite him having to read about their exploits in the newspaper. After asking to see the chip Seda mentions that the chip is not there but in a safety deposit box at a bank nearby. Taken aback, Mr. Damjen still acquiesces to their demand that they travel to the bank to retrieve the chip. Tony follows two armed men on the far side of the park who start peeling off as the group on the bridge break and head to the bank. Jack sees another man nearby the meet who is talking on a cell phone who seems just a little too interested in what is going on. Everyone packs up and moves to the Banca Romaneasca, a highly secure bank, just a mile away. Tony breaks off to grab a taxi and follow the two armed men he has found. Yuri breaks down his rifle and gets across town in a hurry to set up again in the nest he already had in place across from the Bank. Jack and Isaac disguise themselves so they can move around the lobby of the bank. Mr. Damjen, spooked, sits in the car with one of the bodyguards while the other two go in to make the exchange in the safety deposit box area beyond a security checkpoint.

Seda and Lee head into the room with the bodyguards while one of them runs a diagnostic on the CPU chip while Lee counts the money. The CPU is labeled as the property of Nascent Technologies. The CPU is wrapped in an odd gel substance. The diagnostic completes and the bodyguard, apparently convinced of the CPU’s authenticity, puts it into a pouch and hands the money over to Seda and Lee.

Tony, following two armed men of undetermined origin, decides to take them out of the game and, telling the unfortunate taxi driver to pull up alongside them, blows out both of their tires with a submachine gun. Nazar, the taxi driver conscripted into a gunfight, peels out and heads to the bank making sure to make a note of their license plate.

Up on the roof across the street Yuri waits patiently while surveying the street below. He hears the soft crunch of a boot on gravel behind him. Pretending to reach down for something in his bag, he whips around and puts two rounds through a would-be assassin, dropping him before the man can even get a round out of his silenced CZ 75. Yuri looks down to the street and sees another assassin approach Mr. Damjen’s car and puts a round through the rear window of the car killing the body guard. He smoothly enters the car and shuts the door before Yuri can get a bead on him. Guestimation with a heavy dose of algebra allows him to put a round through the roof of the car and killing the assassin, bathing Dacza Damjen in another man’s blood. Mr. Damjen runs from the car screaming. Yuri grabs the rooftop assassin’s wallet and his silenced CZ 75. The man’s name is Viktor Anton.

In the lobby of the bank Isaac and Jack spot the third man from Carol Park who rushes in the door and then slows to avoid unnecessary attention. No stranger to tradecraft, he surveys the room using mirrors and possibly spots Isaac and Jack disguised as an elder man in a wheelchair being pushed by his son. The two bodyguards who made the exchange with Seda and Lee try to duck out the back of the bank having heard that Mr. Damjen is likely dead. The third man in the lobby begins talking on a phone as soon as the bodyguards come out of the safety deposit box room to an unknown person.

Jack and Isaac follow the two bodyguards out into the alley thinking they might take the CPU back again but are interrupted by a pair of Bucharest police officers who pull up at the entrance to the alley. The bodyguards seem very keen to get taken into custody. Jack pretends to fall, stashing his pistol under a dumpster. Isaac also puts his hands up. The police maneuver all the captives together and then one speaks Romanian into his radio, “I think he has a gun!” and then blows the head off one of the bodyguards. Isaac grabs a cell phone that he had managed to rig up as a taser and shocks one of the cops in the groin. The cop falls to the ground vomiting profusely. Jack grabs for the gun of the other cop and firmly grabs the slide of the pistol and twists breaking the cop’s index finger. Yuri and Nazar’s taxi pull up and the group makes their escape with Dacza Damjen and his one remaining bodyguard, Andrei Mykyta. Seda reveals that, back in the safety deposit room she managed to swap the CPU chip out for a false one under the very eyes of Mr. Damjen’s bodyguards before they were able to snap the briefcase shut with an impressive bit of legerdemain. A successful (albeit complicated!) exchange where our agents make off with the cash and the CPU chip.

Relocating to a safe room under the streets of Bucharest in the catacombs that riddle the city and have become populated by IV drug users and HIV positive castoffs our agents interrogate Mr. Damjen and Andrei Mykyta separately. Tony flexes his sinister Costra Nostra muscles and terrifies Mykyta so severely that the man wets himself. All this before he threatens him with a power drill! Andrei reveals that the man who hired Mr. Damjen was Gerard Fouvier, the man whose estate was recently raided by our agents. Andrei says that Fouvier hired Damjen to get the chip back but that Fouvier had been out of contact for around four months. He goes on to say that he heard that the Romanian mob had an interest in the CPU chip and he sold out his long time employer, Damjen, to get some extra cash to pay back some pretty substantial gambling debts. He drops the name of Iulian Valentyn, a mob boss here in Bucharest. Tony, satisfied that he got everything, drives him out and dumps him on the side of the street and tells him to pass on to Iulian that they have the chip now and if he wants it he will have to deal with them. Tony gives Andrei a cell phone number and drives off.

The interrogation with Mr. Damjen goes significantly less dramatically but Seda manages to get the information that she wants out of him without the use of power tools. His plan was, after losing contact with Fouvier, to procure the CPU chip and sell it for his own personal profit.

Jack calls upon a contact, Dr. Lea Amrain, a Swiss chemist to begin processing the blood sample taken from the MIB at the Fouvier Estate shootout.

Knock Knock...Who's There? Zurich Utilities...
Fleeing and an attack on an estate outside of Zurich.

Night’s Black Agents

Flying away in a helicopter after the explosion on the 52nd floor of the Jumeirah Emirates Tower, the group (Seda, Tony, Lee and Jack) drops out of the helicopter into the warm waters of the Persian Gulf leaving Luke and Yuri to fly the helicopter away. They pull a panel off the side revealing a stenciled advertisement for helicopter tours.

They get on board a small commercial ship bound for Gwadar, Pakistan. The Captain, a man named Hassan Mudar, grudgingly allows them on the ship but appears to not be very excited about having them there. It is a 36 hour boat ride to Gwadar and our agents are awoken in the middle of the night as a navy ship the U.A.E. boards and searches the ship. Lee climbs high up onto the mast of the ship, Jack hides, Seda disguises herself as a young Arabic boy and Tony just doesn’t care (he drinks calmly in the crew’s quarters). After being interrogated by the UAE naval men and convincing them of his innocence, a full search of the ship is made and, having found nothing, is left alone. Hoping to keep an eye on the communications going out from the ship our agents distract the crew members at the comms and plant an electronic bug to monitor all outgoing communications. Seda uses her feminine charms to distract the crew members but it comes back unexpectedly when three other crew members approach her thinking she is a prostitute. Jack immediately begins posing as her pimp and calls out to the crewmembers that even though she looks healthy is actually inflicted with horrible diseases. Seda uses the opportunity to pick pocket one of the men who, when he reaches for his money and realizes it is gone, attempts to hit Jack. Jack nimbly blocks the clumsy punch and strikes the man across the temple dropping him like a rock. Seda, who had climbed up a stack of boxes, throws a heavy metal ringlet and hits the second man squarely in the check bone before he is able to strike Jack from behind. The third man turns and wisely decides to run.

The communications bug up and running, Lee catches what appears to be a ping coming from the ship. He investigates and finds that the tablet is broadcasting a signal that hijacks whatever communications equipment is around. He tries to break open the tablet and pull out the CPU so that the bug can be discarded. Unfortunately, he is unable to do this before the tablet wipes a large swath of the information. A red dot appears on the screen of the tablet along with the words “We See You”. Lee smashes the tablet and discards the debris over the side of the ship. The CPU (and the transmitter) are placed into a Faraday container preventing it from giving out their location again. Exiting the boat in Gwadar our agents catch a flight to India where split up and agree to meet back in Zurich in a week. Yuri has yet to report back in and the decision is made to move to a backup base of operations that Seda had set up in the warehouse district.

Going to work on the tablet CPU Lee manages to reconstruct some of the data. Among the many things on there he manages to parse out that the Fathers have a dislike of magnets. He immediately orders some rare earth magnets as a precautionary measure. He trips upon a game that combines cheerful childlike images with horrific scenes of violence. It puts him into somewhat of a fugue state but he is shocked out of it by his fellow agents. He is examined by Dr. Christian Hoflan, a psychologist that Seda knew. He specializes in “deprogramming” psychology used on fanatical terrorists. Dr. Hoflan examines Lee and finds him in a highly suggestive state but manages to get him back to fully functional. A cursory look at Zephyr Technologies shows that it is a subsidiary of Pfizer (a pharmaceutical corporation) that specializes in technological treatments for sleep disorders.

Seda contacts the buyer of the experimental CPU chip, Docza Damjen, a Hungarian man thought to be a lawyer. He agrees to set up a meet to exchange the money for the CPU chip.

Jack withdraws to his bottle in an effort to get his mental priorities back in line. He is still reeling from the encounter with the strange man at the end of the hallway on the 52nd floor of the Jumeirah Emirates Tower.

Tony begins surveillance on the base of operations that was abandoned and sees a group of men dressed in black suits with sunglasses. They enter the office building and are in there for around twenty minutes. When they exit the building they are accosted by police officers who question them. The men in suits claim they are Interpol agents. The police don’t believe them and are in the process of taking them into custody when an older man in a business suit comes up and begins talking to the cops. The men in black gather their belongings and leave with the police officers completely oblivious to them doing so. Tony snaps many photos but can’t seem to remember anything about the man in the business suit later.

Tony follows the MIBs to a large estate on the outskirts of Zurich. Initial probing indicates the house is owned by a Frenchman named Gerard Fouvier, CEO of Nascent Technologies. The decision is made to breach the house and look for additional information. Jake and Tony approach the front dressed as utility workers while Seda and Lee evade the surveillance cameras and enter the back of the house. With a successful distraction at the front of the house Seda and Lee make it into the house without a hitch (apparently!) and begin making their way through the house. Lee looks for the security area to shut down the video cameras and Seda makes her way upstairs to gather intel. Seda manages to get the computer upstairs downloaded onto a thumb drive. Lee manages to shut down the security cameras and erase the old footage. Both Seda and Lee are attacked by the MIBs but thankfully only mildly wounded. Lee manages to shank one in the eye with a knife.

Downstairs, Jack and Tony realize their cover is blown and they restrain the caretaker with a sleeper hold and a zip tie. Entering the house they see another servant in the house with a tray with champagne that he drops in short order in response to the men with guns that have come into the house. Suddenly, two MIBs come through the door behind the man. Tony drops to a crouch and begins shooting. His shots go wide. One MIB grabs the man with the champagne glasses while the other begins shooting at Jack. A bullet grazes his shoulder. Jack responds by tossing a grenade that decimates the butler and seriously wounds the two MIBs. The MIBs seem uncannily in tune with each other and break across the room in opposite directions simultaneously. Sirens are heard coming up the drive and Lin slows them down with a burst of automatic gunfire.

Ushering everyone out the door, Seda is ready with her cover identity, a Swiss cop with informants in a drug deal gone bad. The rest of the party head up the road to where Kruschiev is waiting in his souped up Audi A8. He is sad that a chase will not be happening.

Current Heat: 5


  1. The grenade used in the assault would have affected Lin and Jack, too.
  2. Having an Athletics of 8+ gives you a hit difficulty of 4, not 5 (the cherry is what increases it from 4 to 5).
  3. Michael’s character is Lee! Not Lin!!
Fathers and their Children

We begin with our intrepid group of spies who are in the middle of a “simple” heist in the Jumeirah Emirates Towers. Jack Simon is down in the lobby, a security guard previously dispatched. He is keeping an eye on the security cameras and to rig the lobby up in case the authorities arrived. Seda Baris exits the elevator containing Lee Min-Jae and Luke Keith that is heading up to the 52nd floor and heads to the vault. The elevator lurches to a stop and Luke Keith ducks out the emergency hatch to override the emergency brake. The elevator door opens up and reveals a group of four armed gunmen. At that moment, Yuri comes around the corner and drops one of the guards with a Sig Sauer P220, catching the guard in the neck. Lee Min-Jae takes advantage of the distraction to disarm a guard and driving the slide of his gun into the guard’s neck. Yuri ducks around the corner of a barrage of gunfire as Lee Min-Jae takes out the last guard standing.

Seba Baris makes her way to the vault and calmly talks her way past the guard, posing as a security consultant. The guard offers to have an escort for her when she leaves the building. She makes it into the vault and handily opens the slot containing the experimental CPU. As she is exiting the vault she sees someone who looks exactly like her on the 52nd floor (her sister!).

Jack, down in the lobby, manages to talk down the cop. As the cop is leaving a body slams into the pavement, the amount of dispersal indicating a very long drop. The cop turns and heads back in and Jack detonates the lobby, heading up the elevator to the upper floors. Lee Min-Jae, Yuri and Luke all head up too, making their way to the helipad on the roof but stopping off on the 52nd floor to check things out. Stepping out of the elevator the group sees a sign, Zephyr Technologies. The floor appears empty. Heading into the offices in the back Seba notices a picture of Luke’s girlfriend in the picture with the man whose office it was. A bookcase is found that looks suspicious and reveals a high tech vault door. Cracking open the door, an apartment is found with about a dozen children who are…odd. They talk about how the Fathers prevent them from leaving. At that time the players notice the explosive bracelets around the children’s wrists. There is a large screen television that is currently off but is broadcasting a local signal. The children have tablets in their bedrooms too. Seda takes one.

Yuri heads around the corner after seeing a flicker of movement. He sees…something…but he collapses with no memory of what he saw. Jack comes around the corner and, through a monumental effort, manages to keep his mind about him (he does have a nasty nose bleed). The sim card from Yuri’s phone is missing. The group heads to the roof and makes a rapid escape via helicopter. Another body falls from the upper part of the skyscraper before the entire 52nd floor (and all those floors above it) explodes in a fiery burst.

Unanswered Questions:

  1. Why is Luke’s girlfriend in the picture with the man?
  2. Who hired us for this disaster?
  3. Who was the target and why were they targeted?
  4. Who is Zephyr Technologies and why were they holding children hostage?
  5. What information can be gained from the tablet taken from the children held hostage?

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